It would be an understatement to say that there have been sacrifices made to build Riverview Baptist Church and all of its ministries. One of these great sacrifices came after the Lord burdened Pastor Dobson with the need for a Christian School. Mr. Harold Mathews was the principal of a public high school at the time, and when he heard of the need, the Lord worked in his heart as to what he should do. He retired from the job as principal, gave his retirement money to the school building fund, agreed to be the school’s principal, and assisted in the building of the building, so that Riverview Baptist Christian Schools could open its doors in 1968. 


In the beginning, the school only accepted Kindergarten through the sixth grade, as there was no acceptable curriculum for the high school at that time. In 1972, Mr. Mathews discovered the ACE pace program, just as it was getting started and felt that it would enable RBCS to start a high school as well. Mr. Tom Groff, who had been at Riverview since 1969, became the first principal of the high school. Mr. Mathews remained the school’s Grade School Principal until 1978, when he became a Franklin County Commissioner. Mr. Groff remained principal until 1985 when the Lord led he and his family to another ministry in a different state. From the Fall of 1985 through the Spring of 2011, Pastor Griffin was the principal of the school; in 2011, Pastor Brant Roskelley became the High School Principal and remains so to date.


The faithfulness of the teachers that RBCS has had over the years is beyond expression. They are devoted; they are dedicated; they are passionate about what they do, and they do a phenomenal job of preparing the students academically, as well as spiritually for life.


The Lord has used each of these men and the teachers of RBCS to lovingly guide and train the students of the school to do great things for the cause of Jesus Christ. There are over 50 graduates of Riverview Baptist Christian Schools who are in full-time ministry for the Lord around the world.