Admission To Riverview Baptist Christian School    

Admission to Riverview Baptist Christian School is open to the Members of Riverview Baptist Church who desire to have their child taught in a totally Christian atmosphere. Applicants from other Independent Baptist Churches in our area may apply for admission for any grade and, if found qualified, may enter Riverview Baptist Christian School.

Parents of children attending area Bible Believing Churches may enroll students in grades Kindergarten through 6th grade if at least one of the parents is a born again Christian, attending church faithfully, and is in agreement to the policies as set forth in the Student Handbook.

     In every case the student must meet the requirements for attending RBCS.

  1. Contact RBCS (547-2021 or 547-4564) to request an information packet.
  2. Carefully review the packet.
  3. Contact the Church/School office to make an appointment for an interview and (grade 1-12) for placement testing. Test fee is $15. This test is taken prior to acceptance but      does not obligate the parent nor the school in any way.
  4. Completely fill out the registration form, including parents responsibilities and discipline information.
  5. Attend the Appointment (Prospective student should be present)

Bring to the Appointment:

  1. Registration forms
  2. Current immunization records
  3. Any previous school records or home school records
  4. Name of reference from previous school

Additional Information

– Students enrolling in our K-3 program must be three years of age by September 1st and MUST be toilet trained.

– Students enrolling in our K-4 program must be four years of age by September 1st.

– Students enrolling in our K-5 program must be five years of age by September 1st.

– All new K-5 and first grade students MUST be tested for placement.